Teaching & Research


The practice is associated with the Cambridge University Medical School and during the academic year senior medical students may be attached to the practice for training. If your doctor or nurse has a student with them on the day you come to the surgery, you will be asked if you consent for the student to be present during your consultation, or sometimes if you would be willing to see the student before seeing the doctor. There is no pressure on you to agree, but if you are willing it will help us in the training of the next generation of doctors.


The practice works with the Primary Care Research Network in helping recruit patients interested in clinical trials and research.

Clinical trials are medical research studies to test whether different treatments are safe and how well they work. Some trials involve healthy members of the public, and others involve patients who may be offered the option of taking part in a trial during their care and treatment. Patients invited to participate in any sort of clinical trial or research will be given all the information needed to make a decision as to whether or not they wish to be involved. There is no pressure on any patient to participate, and whatever their decision there will be no adverse impact on the care provided by the practice.